CIIM is Excited to Announce New Executive Director

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April 7, 2021CIIM is pleased to announce that Stephanie Zugschwert has been named Executive Director for the Coalition of Ignition Interlock Manufacturers (CIIM). Stephanie will be working closely with CIIM’s representatives — Debra Coffey, VP of Government Affairs for Smart Start, John Ulczycki, VP of Legislative Affairs for LMG Holdings, Inc., and Erika Eckley, VP of Legislative Affairs for Intoxalock. She also will work with external stakeholders to advance the Coalition’s important mission – keeping ...

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We Should Applaud Kentucky Legislators for Working to Keep Our Roads Safe

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By David Kelly Everyone was stunned earlier this year after a 4-year-old boy was killed outside a University of Kentucky football game.  Unfortunately, this tragedy served as a reminder that drunk driving continues to remain a serious problem throughout the country and Kentucky isn’t immune. That’s why a bluegrass coalition came together to raise awareness and do something to help take impaired drivers off the road. Together with Lyft, we provided discounts for 675 sober ...

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Blog: New York, DWAI, and Plea Downs

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Posted 11/6/2018 A few weeks ago, CIIM attended the New York Highway Safety Symposium in Lake Placid, NY.  As part of the event, there was a panel discussion that examined how offenders go through the state’s interlock program and what potential changes could be made to make the New York state law more effective. In 2010, the New York state legislature passed Leandra’s Law after 11-year old Leandra Rosado was killed while riding as a ...

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NewsAAMVA Releases Best Practice Guidelines with Input from CIIM

best practices to prevent drunk driving
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WASHINGTON – The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) recently released a best practices guide for motor vehicle administrators across the country on how to successfully implement an ignition interlock program and reduce impaired driving recidivism. “We know that over 300,000 people drive drunk everyday in this country and roughly one-third of them are repeat offenders,” said David Kelly, Executive Director of the Coalition of Ignition Interlock Manufacturers. “This report by AAMVA is a ...

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NewsA DWI penalty overhaul in New Jersey results in shorter license suspension and more ignition locks

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The law proposal, endorced by the Assembly Judiciary Committee, expands the previous mandate to include all first-time DUI offenders in the requirement to implement their vehicle with an interlock device. Click here to read more.

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