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Executive Director

The Executive Director for the Coalition of Ignition Interlock Manufacturers will work closely with the representatives of member organizations to advance industry-wide legislative priorities. The Executive Director is responsible for organizing and advancing state level legislation and lobbying that will enhance the industry’s nationwide reputation, as well as creating and maintaining strategic relationships with industry representatives and external stakeholders. The Executive Director will be responsible for all strategic planning, including state-by-state data analysis, preparation of written strategy plans and leveraging stakeholder assistance to advance the Coalition objectives.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Represent the interlock industry as Executive Director of the Coalition for Ignition Interlock Manufacturers (CIIM).
  • Manage, report to, and assist the appointed representatives of the member organizations of the Coalition through regular meetings, reports, and written analysis.
  • Assist in providing analysis of legislative matters to CIIM representatives while formulating a position and support the development of CIIM’s stance on pending legislation, including:
    • Delivering recommendations for revision and correction to legislative documents to comply with CIIM policy and positions.
    • Review of proposed legislation bills to determine intent and providing recommendation on CIIM’s position on the proposed policies and level of direct engagement.
    • Drafting conforming amendments and corrections when needed.
  • Analyze industry data, trends and metrics, such as impaired driving arrests and convictions, and provide analysis of impact to the industry with strategic solutions for addressing annual and longer-term objectives for the industry.
  • Provide detailed analysis and documented planning for annual and multi-year strategic planning for the Coalition’s legislative priorities and direction, including documentation on state-by-state and federal data as well as public relations strategies for legislative success and industry awareness.
  • Able to timely respond to issues and legislation and develop joint support statements and written communications for fast moving legislation
  • Develop and maintain relationships with elected officials, stakeholders, and interest groups to improve their awareness of CIIM’s missions and develop collaborative efforts.
  • Maintain an understanding of policy issues applicable to the ignition interlock device industries and provide critical assistance regarding state level legislation and lobbying with state-specific nuances.
  • Develop industry communications and distribution of reports, studies, narratives, and other appropriate public relations materials to stakeholders and the public.
  • Organize and assist the member organizations as a sponsor, exhibitor or participant at National Ignition Interlock conferences or events, executing membership or contracts with these organizations, as needed.
  • Occasionally provide testimony on behalf of the industry in rules hearing, bill committee hearings or other legislative venues.
  • Presenting on behalf of the CIIM at National conferences/meetings as requested.
  • Responsible for maintaining and negotiating all contracts for the member organizations with state and federal lobbyist.
  • File registrations in states, as required, to meet state ethics requirements.
  • Maintain CIIM’s corporate registration and annual filings.
  • Manage the accounts payable and invoices for the Coalition and pay accounts timely.
  • File required annual tax returns
  • Maintain the Coalition’s social media, to include, but not limited to, CIIM website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.
  • All other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher required. J.D. preferred.
  2. 5-7 years’ State or federal lobbyist experience preferred.
  3. 5 years progressively responsible management experience, including experience managing budgets, strategic planning, and personnel.
  4. Working knowledge of the political and legislative processes.
  5. Knowledge of legal editing practices.
  6. Ability to communicate persuasively and effectively.
  7. Ability to prepare written documents, including legislative strategy, press releases, model bill language and stakeholder communication
  8. Ability to build relationships and follow projects from inception to completion.
  9. Exceptional attention to detail and ability to manage multiple priorities and projects.
  10. Strong data analysis skills utilizing Excel 
  11. Strong professional and interpersonal skills to maintain relationships with political actors and outside stakeholder organization.

Interested candidates should send a resume to:

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