Let offenders maintain their driving privileges with a rehabilitative solution.

License suspension as a means to prevent drunk driving doesn’t work. Offenders still need to go to work to provide for their families. They need to run daily errands like going to the dry cleaners or grocery store. They need to drive their children to different activities. It’s not feasible, nor is it cost-effective for taxpayers to have law enforcement monitoring these offenders every time they get in their vehicles.

Ignition interlock systems enable drunk-driving offenders to retain their driving privileges to keep their jobs, support their families, and safely and successfully get on with their lives. All without putting the public at risk. This also motivates offenders to examine their decisions, providing an opportunity for change.

Ignition Interlocks increase public safety while still caring for the dignity of the offender.

Minimal intrusion
Only takes about 30 seconds more to start car

36% reduction in recidivism after interlock was removed

Low cost over time
Averages $3/day

The problem with license suspension

  • Suspended licenses complicate job and family responsibilities
  • They don’t stop an alcohol-impaired driver from starting their car and driving
  • 50-75% convicted drunk drivers continue to drive with a suspended license
  • 8,400 people die every year in fatal crashes caused by drivers with suspended licenses

The benefits of ignition interlock systems

  • Offenders maintain driving privileges and are motivated to examine their decisions
  • Technology is the best way to prevent drunk drivers from starting their car
  • Studies show a significant decline in DUI deaths when ignition interlocks are employed