Reducing drunk driving recidivism.
one breath at a time.

Every Day

More than 300,000 people attempt to drive drunk in the United States. But fewer than 4,000 of these offenders are arrested. Roughly one-third of these attempts to drive drunk are by repeat offenders.

  • The Threat

    MADD reports between 50-75 percent of convicted drunk drivers continue to drive on a suspended license. According to AAA, there are 8,400 people each year who die in fatal crashes caused by drivers whose license has already been suspended. Twenty-eight percent of drivers have had their licenses revoked or suspended three or more times in the previous three years before they were involved in a crash that took another’s life.

  • The Problem

    License suspension as a means to prosecute drunk drivers doesn’t work. The research and the data prove that. Offenders will still need to go to work because they still have to provide for their families. They’ll still need to run daily errands like going to the dry cleaners or grocery store. They’ll still need to carry on and operate motor vehicles to take their children to different activities. It’s not feasible, nor is it cost-effective for taxpayers to have law enforcement monitoring these offenders every time they get in their vehicles.

  • The Solution

    Over the last decade, ignition interlocks have stopped over 2.7 million attempts to drive drunk. This data proves ignition interlocks are a cost-effective and proven solution that reduces drunk driving recidivism to keep our nation’s roads and highways safe for the millions of other motorists who share them. Only 32 states have all offender laws that require ignition interlocks for first-time offenders who are convicted with a BAC of .08 or greater. Drunk driving is still an epidemic and we’re here to do our part to reduce alcohol-related traffic fatalities.

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About Us

The Coalition of Ignition Interlock Manufacturers (CIIM) is an ad-hoc organization formed by seven of the nation’s leading ignition interlock manufacturers to combine members expertise and experience and speak with one voice to reduce the carnage caused by alcohol-impaired drivers. With its “one-voice,” CIIM strives to bring the most credible, factual information on ignition interlock devices to public policy discussions. CIIM currently is comprised of the nation’s leading manufacturers and remains open to any ignition interlock manufacturer certified for use in and operating in one or more states.

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